Photograph by Jakub Wartak

As Pet Portables grows and explores new product areas, we remain keenly focused on the importance of being prepared. Because more people are traveling with their pets, the need for a compact first aid kit is more important than ever. For the benefit of a broader public, EGO [Emergency to GO] was developed to make it easier for everyone to be prepared.

”My dog Holly got a shard of glass stuck in her paw while out for a walk. I opened my kit, pulled out the tweezers, removed the glass and cleaned out the cut and continued on our walk.”
Tara Gallagher, New York, N.Y.

Pet Portables has teamed up with St. George Industries, (a disabled veteran run business) and Show-Me Animal Products who provide employment for people with developmental disabilities, to make this new product. It’s a winning combination which proudly supports “made in the U.S.A.”

Be prepared. Feel secure and keep your pet safe and happy.